Google Apps Support Policy

Digital Peach is committed to providing our customers with best-in-class web hosting & e-mail services. We're excited about the recent introduction of our  Google Apps based e-mail service, as it provides our customers with enterprise-level synchronization & collaboration tools previously available only to large corporations.

With Google Apps, you have access to a suite of powerful tools. This also represents a significant change in our service model, as your e-mail will no longer flow through Digital Peach servers. As such, please understand that our ability to troubleshoot certain e-mail issues may be more limited than it has been in years past.

What We Support

  • Digital Peach will continue to manage your e-mail service; we will add, remove and/or modify accounts anytime upon request just like we always have.
  • When new accounts are created, we'll be glad to help you setup your new account in Outlook, Thunderbird and most other popular desktop e-mail programs.
  • We will help you troubleshoot issues sending or receiving mail using a standard POP or IMAP configuration.

What We Don't Support

  • Digital Peach does not provide support for advanced POP or IMAP configurations.
  • Digital Peach does not provide support for client-side antivirus software, spam filters, firewalls or any other 3rd party products & services.
  • Digital Peach does not provide support for mobile devices.
  • Digital Peach does not provide support for any Google products or services other than e-mail as described above.

But We Do Want to Help!

Even though we may not 'officially' support something, we'll be glad to help however we can. If you're stuck or just need some advice, please feel free to submit a support request. Take advantage of our experience! We'll do our best to steer you in the right direction or help you find the information you need to move forward.

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